Baby Clothes Keepsakes: Choosing between a Quilt and Blanket

What’s the difference between a Keepsake Quilt and a Keepsake Blanket? It’s a question I get asked a lot. Even asking the internet will bring up differing opinions on what makes a Quilt and a Blanket different. You may even find the terms ‘Quilt’ and ‘Blanket’ get used interchangeably. But they’re actually very different. And to choose the best option for you, it’s important to know a little about them. Note: This guide explains the differences between the Pretty Little Polka Dot range of Keepsake Quilts and Keepsake Blankets. Other keepsake creators are likely have their own classification definitions, so it’s...

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Relieving Teething Pains for our Little Ones

As an adult, tooth ache can be excruciating! It affects our eating and drinking and can really put us in a bad mood!

Now imagine you’re just a few months old, everything is brand new in the world. Suddenly your gums are sore and there’s no way of telling your Mummy or Daddy where, or why it hurts...

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Christmas Keepsakes: Building New Family Traditions

Christmas. A time for making family memories and re-living Christmas traditions. And an opportunity to start building the new family traditions that your children will remember fondly in years to come....


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Creating Keepsakes: One chance to get it right.

A Keepsake Created from your little ones baby clothes should be something you'll treasure forever, but its pretty final, as once those clothes are cut - they're cut. So, choosing someone to do this is a decision you need to make wisely....

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Baby Clothes Keepsakes: The Pretty Little Polka Dot Way

Keepsake Quilt patchwork from baby clothes

We love transforming your precious baby clothes into Keepsake Quilts and Blankets. And you tell us you love them too! But what is it that makes our Keepsakes so special? Maybe it's this...

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