They tell you to never work with Children or Animals

And if you have either of these in your life... you'll know how impossible that piece of advice is to follow!

I have one of each; 1 Toddler, 1 Labrador. They're a mischievous duo at the best of times, but with my 'baby business' too, it's fair to say 'never work with Children or Animals' is definitely not a rule I stick to.

Instead, I accept there will always be a strong probability of chaos.

And it meant that when I recently held the first Pretty Little Polka Dot photo shoot, I was ready for mayhem.

So, armed with a selection of our most popular handmade creations, and with a very special group of little 'Polka Tot' models in tow, we all descended on, what was once, a quiet and peaceful park in Devon.

Sunshine and Blue Skies

The weather was glorious (yes, it was that day)! Our little models did a fantastic job being cute, and in most cases managed to look in the right direction too!

Snapping away, we managed to get lots of beautiful shots - The final photos are now up on our home page. But be warned, they're seriously adorable!

I am so grateful to the Mummies and Daddies who lent their little 'Polka Tots' to the cause, and to Hannah also for the photography.

Here's a little selection of the photos from our day. A day which I am pleased to say, despite my expectations, didn't descend into chaos!

with love

Hayley x 




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  • Hannah

    Ah what a lovely first blog entry! Beautiful babies / toddlers for beautifully handmade products! :)

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