Twice as nice.

We know how much you love our Handmade Dribble Bibs and we've been thinking up ways to make them even more brilliant...

So after much research, design, prototype, testing, and making we are really happy to launch our new Handmade Reversible Dribble Bib.

Two coordinating fabric designs, in one amazing bib.

Yes, there's the same yummy fabric you'd expect from us, but with our new reversible bibs you can flip them over for a completely different look without the need to carry around a spare bib. (We know how much stuff you already need to carry around when you have a little person)!

Another brilliant thing about our Reversible Dribble Bibs is that they have a super waterproof inner layer. Yes, that's right, completely waterproof! So these really are perfect for the very dribbliest Babies and Toddlers.

They've already proven very popular; almost selling out at our most recent craft fayre! Luckily though we've been busy creating more and they are now available online. 

So now there really is no reason why you can't 'pick a side'!


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  • NAtalie Pearce

    Hi I’m just wondering if you could make theses in a bigger side my friend has a 10yr old boy with cerebral palsy and these would be great for him but obviously would need to be larger and what sort of price would they be? X

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