Relieving Teething Pains for our Little Ones

Tooth ache, even as an adult, can be excruciating! It affects our eating and drinking, our jaws, sinuses and can really put us in a bad mood! The benefit for us, is that we can pinpoint where the pain is, take the right medicine and go to see a Dentist.

Now imagine you’re just a few months old...

Everything is brand new and exciting in the world, and suddenly your gums are sore, aching and there’s no way of telling your Mummy or Daddy where, or why it hurts. You can’t sleep, or get comfortable, which makes it even worse because then you get so tired and the aching doesn’t go away. Sound familiar?

Teething is such a difficult time for families and we can often find ourselves trying absolutely anything to try and make it better for our little ones.  I remember when Ben was teething I tried Calpol, teething gels, granules, spoons and even purchased an Amber Anklet, all in the desperate hope of relieving his teething pain.

Some of the main signs which told me we were well and truly in the 'teething phase' were:

* Excess dribbling

* Dribble rashes on cheeks and chin

* Red, flushed cheeks

* Swollen gums

* Being extra fussy with food

* Unable to get comfortable or sleep

I also found he tried to put everything in his mouth and tried to chomp down on anything he could grab!

You see, when those little teeth are there, below the gums, they move around and for many babies there is an urge to chew on something to relieve that discomfort. 

This is where the Natural Wood Teething Rings really suited us. The fabric bunny ear attachments gave Ben something he could hold and play with to keep him distracted, whilst he could have a good gnaw on the natural wooden ring to sooth his poor gums.

I've never been a major fan of plastic, and after some extensive research, wood seemed like a great, natural alternative. In the days before mass production, wood was always used for this sort of thing, and has the added benefit of having natural anti-bacterial properties too.

So, the Pretty Little Polka Dot Teething Rings were created, in a wide range of bright, colourful and monochrome patterns. The fabric 'Bunny Ears' have been designed so that they can be removed for easy washing, keeping the Teething Rings hygienic for little ones. They're made from 1 solid piece of sustainably sourced ash wood, which has been hand sanded to a ridiculously smooth finish and are left completely natural and untreated, so no harmful chemicals and no funny taste.

And safe too!

I've also gone through the process of getting them safety tested and CE marked, so they are completely safe for your little ones to chew, chomp, bite, suck and gnaw on!

As these are such an ultimate and necessary Baby Accessory, we’ve really jazzed them up so they come in lots of different colours and patterns to match any outfits!

For the little ones who have a strong arm for throwing things, you can even match them with one of our best selling safety tested Dummy Clips to keep them firmly secured.

And if you've got a really dribbly baby, we’d also recommend investing in some of our Handmade Dribble Bibs too!

Top tip! Run the Bunny Ears under a tap, and pop them into the freezer for an hour or so. This always gave Ben that little bit of extra relief when pesky ‘toothie pegs’ caused real trouble for him.

Has your little one shown any signs of teething yet? Have you been through it, what things did you find helpful? Let me know! 

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