What we do

We make baby and toddler gifts that are beautiful, unique and thoughtful. 

Hello and welcome!

I'm Hayley, owner of Pretty Little Polka Dot, and designer and maker of all our Handmade goodies. I'm really excited to share the story of how it all started.


When my husband and I welcomed our son Ben into the world, like many new parents we knew our lives were never going to be the same again.  From severe reflux in the early months, to the dribble monster he became when his teeth started to appear, his top seemed to be constantly soaked and I seemed to be constantly washing clothes.  

After an unsuccessful search for a practical, stylish solution, I gave up and created my own special bib for my very messy baby. It kept him dry and looked lovely. It was a success, and so I made more.

And You Liked Them Too!

Spurred on by the fantastic feedback and with other Mummies and Daddies sharing their own experiences with me, I realised there was gap in the market for well-made, stylish solutions to the common problems facing our Little Ones. 

I accepted the challenge, stepped up to create those things and Pretty Little Polka Dot was born!

A Little Piece of Handmade Loveliness

We're a little different at Pretty Little Polka Dot, we know there's lots of places you can find products for babies, but here we design and hand make everything ourselves.  This means every creation is that little bit unique and special - just like the Little Ones we make them for!  

Making everything ourselves also allows us to keep our eye firmly on the quality, and we like to think our standards are pretty high!

Attention to Detail

It's the attention to the small details, which make our products extra special. Crisp tissue paper, a beautiful ribbon-tied gift box; we want you to love our creations from the moment they land on your doorstep. And we want you to give them to Little Ones who'll love them just as much too.

Safety Testing

Ben and his friends love to test our creations, and whilst it makes for very cute photos, being 'tested by babies' sometimes isn't enough.

EU Safety Regulations are strict and apply even (and perhaps especially) to handmade products. Sure, the regulations have probably stifled a few of our more 'quirky' product ideas along the way, but knowing the ones we sell are safe is what's important. That's why our products are CE Marked where required.

So, when you buy things from us you can do so knowing they're safe for the Little Ones they've been made for. Not only is it the law, it's important to us.

Love, Hayley x