CE Certification

Did you know that, by law, all toys sold (even those which have been handmade) need to comply to strict safety standards and have to be CE Certified to show this?
In order to obtain this CE Certification, all materials used need to be tested and certified and the design also needs to undergo strict testing too.

Here at Pretty Little Polka Dot, we have carried out this testing, and our Natural Wood Teething Rings and our Ribbon Comforters proudly display the CE mark.
When buying any toy, whether handmade or not, please look for the CE mark. This is your reassurance that the item has been made to these strict safety standards.

A Word on Dummy Clips...

There are very strict safety regulations concerning the design and production of dummy clips and we are proud that our Dummy Clips have been designed, made and tested to BSEN 12586.
When looking to buy any dummy clips, please ensure they conform to this essential safety standard.