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Hello, I'm Hayley, owner of Pretty Little Polka Dot and designer and creator of all your lovely Keepsake Quilts, Blankets and Teddies.


How it all began.

I created my first keepsake back in 2014 when I was on maternity leave with my eldest son, Ben. During his daytime naps, I indulged my creative side by sewing. Perched at dining room table, I was mostly making dribble bibs, with the occasional cushion and some flags of bunting thrown in for good measure.


Interest grew.

At baby groups, other parents would ask about Ben's bibs and before long I was recieving more and more orders. I created Pretty Little Polka Dot to showcase and provide an outlet for those buying the handmade goodies I was creating. 

Then came the Keepsakes!

Pretty Little Polka Dot was slowly building up momentum when one of my Mummy friends asked whether I could create a quilt from her sons baby clothes. Slightly nervous about what I was being being asked to do, but keen to help her out, I accepted the challenge. I didn't realise at the time, but creating that keepsake would lead my little handmade craft business into an amazing new direction.

The online reaction to that very first Keepsake was beyond anything I could have imagined, and it wasnt long before my diary was full.

Fast foward 7 years.

Little Emily has joined our family, and many many Keepsakes have been created. I now work full time at Pretty Little Polka Dot and my days sewing at the dining room table are over! Pretty Little Polka Dot Keepsakes are now created in my very own lovely little workshop, and on the wall hangs a photo of that very first keepsake I created 7 years ago.


Love, Hayley x 

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