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Creating Keepsakes: The Pretty Little Polka Dot Way

Like most parents, you've probably got a bag or two of your little one's baby clothes stored away. You don't want to part with them but know they'll probably spend the next decade or so hidden away.

I'll transform these precious items into luxury Keepsakes, and I've had the honor of creating many many hundreds over the years.

They’re not just clothes

They're memories. The trip home from hospital, the time they crawled, their first wobbly steps. Looking through the outfits your little one wore during those important milestones can transport you back; stirring up warm and happy feelings all over again. The thought of parting with these special clothes and sending them off to a stranger is a pretty big decision - I totally get that.

A Keepsake is For Life.

At least, I think it should be!

When it comes to having a Keepsake created, you only get one chance to get right. I'm a firm believer that if something's worth doing, it's worth doing properly. When it comes to your little ones Keepsake, it should be something you can look at, love, and treasure forever.

Beautiful and Unique

To us, creating your Keepsake is much more than just cutting squares and sewing them together.

Baby clothes come in a whole manner of designs, styles and sizes. In many instances logos, motifs and other details don’t always fit conveniently into a neat 6" x 6" square. Our designs reflect this and each item of clothing is individually prepared to accommodate the important details. A cute Peter Pan collar? The ‘I Love Daddy’ logo? Not a problem! We'll create a whole range of differently sized patches, and the result will be truly spectacular, beautiful and unique.

Doing it this way is fiddly and does takes a long time, but we’re not about cutting corners (or logos!) And, in our quest to create you a little piece of perfection, taking the time to do it properly is something we'll always continue to do. In fact, we spend hours designing and preparing your little one’s clothes, even before making a single cut or stitch. It’s all part of the Keepsake service.

Keepsakes with Personality

The thing we get told a lot is that a Pretty Little Polka Dot Keepsake has ‘personality’, and we smile every time we hear this. It’s difficult to explain, but seeing all your little ones clothes, and working with you, means we get a feel of who your little one is and this allows us to design something which goes far beyond just cutting and sewing the outfits you send us.

Over to You

Hopefully by now you'll realise we're crazy about Keepsakes! We love designing them, we love creating them, and we love talking about them. And we'd love to chat to you about having your own special Keepsake created from your little ones precious baby clothes. Just get in touch.

Here's to the magic of memories.

Love, Hayley x


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