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Making The Christmas Keepsake a New Family Tradition

We’re fast approaching Christmas, and I’m so excited about all the Keepsakes I'm making, ready to be opened on Christmas morning! Christmas is such a special day for so many. It's a time for making family memories and beyond the presents and the delicious Christmas dinner, it’s about families. Loved ones spending time together and re-living Christmas traditions. Although I am grown up and have a family and 2 beautiful children of my own, every year, without fail, out comes my parents Christmas tree, along with the family ornaments and decorations which have been around since, well, forever! My Parents still have all the salt dough Christmas decorations my sisters and I made when we were children. And yes, they still put them on their tree 33 years later! It's lovely to have something meaningful for your own family that you can bring out and enjoy each and every year. And it got me thinking, what if a Christmas Keepsake became the new special festive tradition? Christmas jumpers are so popular now, and the trend seems to have evolved into dresses, leggings hatsand even onesies! There's also all those gorgeous Christmas outfits for children; Santa’s Little Elf, Mrs Claus, Rudolph, I even saw a little Christmas Tree outfit complete with brown tights the other day.

There are so many beautiful, festive outfits available and once they've been worn they're forever etched into the memory of that particular Christmas. These beautiful Christmas outfits, rich in beautiful reds and greens, also happen to make the loveliest and most fun festive Keepsakes. After all, it's a shame to wear and enjoy these outfits only once!

We've created a many many festive Keepsakes in our 7 years of Keepsake making. All are unique and all are speical although we particularly love creating the 'Family Keepsake'. A combinaion of your little ones’ Christmas outfits from over the years, maybe a couple of your own Christmas pieced plus any other Christmas themed textiles that you love, or have in your family! All finished it with a lovely, festive coloured polka dot border.

Preserving Christmas memories in such a fun and unique way.

A Christmas Keepsake will make such a lovely addition to your Christmas decorations every year, for years to come. I cannot think of a nicer way to spend Christmas than cuddled up as a family on the sofa watching Christmas films, snug and cosy under your very own Family Keepsake Blanket.

If you’d like to speak to me more about different options for a Christmas themed Keepsake, please get in touch and I would love to explore ideas with you.

Love, Hayley x


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