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Choosing between a Keepsake Quilt and a Keepsake Blanket

What’s the difference between a Keepsake Quilt and a Keepsake Blanket?

It’s a question I get asked a lot.

A search of the web will give varying opinions on the differences between a Quilt and a Blanket. You may even find the words ‘Quilt’ and ‘Blanket’ get used interchangeably.

But actually, they're pretty different. And to choose the best option for you, it’s important to know a little about them.

Please note: This post explains the differences between a Pretty Little Polka Dot Keepsake Quilt and Keepsake Blanket. Other keepsake creators will likely have their own definitions, so it’s important to check specifically with them before ordering a Keepsake.

Baby clothes Keepsake Quilt.

Traditionally, a quilt consists of multiple layers of fabric and a layer of wadding, sewn together to provide stability and warmth. The sewing of the layers together is called ‘quilting’ and in the purpose is to trap heat.

Creating your Pretty Little Polka Dot Keepsake Quilt will look a little like this;

  • After carefully preparing the clothes and designing a patchwork, we add our signature double border; a narrow plain border with a thicker polka dot border surrounding it.

  • We'll then add a layer of lightweight wadding and a cotton backing, before ‘quilting’ it together.

  • Finally, a Keepsake Quilt is finished with a hand made matching binding, secured and stitched around the edges.

The process of designing and creating a Keepsake Quilt is pretty labour intensive; creating a single bed sized Keepsake Quilt can take up to 40 hours. However the results are spectacular!

Many customers like to hang their Keepsake Quilt on the wall of the nursery or as a decorative throw for their bed. A Pretty Little Polka Dot Keepsake Quilt is something you can treasure for years to come and maybe even pass down to your grandkids one day!

Baby clothes Keepsake Blanket

Our Keepsake Blankets are made in a different way to the more traditional Keepsake Quilts. We’ll prepare your little ones clothes and design and create the patchwork centre in the same way as we would with the Keepsake Quilt, but then the process changes.

Keepsake Blankets are framed with a single Polka Dot border and backed with specially selected soft cuddle fleece. This is sewn around the edges to secure both layers together.

Unlike a Quilt, a Keepsake Blanket doesn’t have a layer of wadding in the midde, however it has cuddle fleece on the back which is unbelievably soft and gives our Keepsake Blankets a more ‘relaxed’ look and feel. They're cosy and very snuggly.

Preparing your little ones clothes and designing and creating the patchwork is a time consuming process, but one that has to be metculously followed for each and every single Keepsake; whether that be a Quilt or a Blanket. However creating a Keepsake Blanket is a little less labour intensive than a traditional Quilt and this is reflected in the price.

So which should you choose?

Great Question! And ultimately the answer is really is down to personal preference.

  • If you’re after a real showpiece, something to display proudly on a wall, or luxuriously drape over a bed, our Keepsake Quilt will be the best option. It’s our signature Keepsake product which has been designed to serve as a special memento of your little ones babyhood for years to come.

  • If you want something really snuggly that your little one can cuddle up with and you’re looking for that more ‘relaxed’ look then the Keepsake Blanket may be the best option for you.

Maybe there's a best of both!

As part of the Keepsake Service, we offer the option of having a ‘Snuggly Comforter’ created from any unused fabric. Measuring around 30cm x 30cm, our Snuggly Comforters are mini, portable versions of our Keepsake Blankets.

So. when you order your Keepsake Quilt or Blanket, you’ll be given the option of having a Snuggly Comforter made up from the remnants of your little ones baby clothes. Choosing this popular option will mean your little one will have something they can cuddle, take along to the zoo or cover in chocolate, whilst their main keepsake is kept in tip-top condition; preserving those special memories for years to come.


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